Dale Luck
Oil Painter and Visual Artist
Dale Luck is an Oil Painter and Visual Artist
Based in Lincolnshire, UK
Dale Luck is a visual artist focusing on bringing out the dream-like quality of life through his work in impressionist oil portraits and surrealist visual art, with a focus on subjects in trance like states and the act of disciplined work. In particular he draws a lot of influence from ballet and other dance forms, which he believes can evoke emotion through the fine-tuned composition and motion of the body.
He began his pursuit of art in 2019, working on graphite and charcoal drawings as well as digital works produced in both 2D and 3D, before discovering his love of oil painting in early 2021. Since then his work has been focused on figurative oil portraits with limited colour palettes (mainly red) in order to focus on value separation and bringing the subject to life.
Graduating from the University of Lincoln in 2015, Dale has since worked as a full-time software developer in Lincoln, a town he grew attached to during his education. He spends his early mornings and late afternoons creating and researching art, a pursuit he holds dear to his heart and intends to carry in to the foreseeable future.